Why Us

We are NOT an agent or a broker. By utilizing our own highly developed global database we provide our consulting services specifically to international buyers who are looking for RELIABLE supplier(s) worldwide . Supplier reliability is a BIG issue with us. The world of international trade is littered with countless cases of unreliable and unscrupulous suppliers. We aim to make a difference, a HUGE difference.

By having business relationships with suppliers at source, we believe we are able to develop strategic alliances with end-buyer clients to deliver commodities globally in volume at good prices .
We can provide our suppliers with greater opportunities for new business by bringing more potential business partners directly to our suppliers' door. We believe that we have an obligation to our clients to deliver, without exception, our services in a professional, timely and courteous manner.

We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. We believe in treating our clients fairly , as they are our strength. We are committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value.

By providing our customers with direct and convenient access to global manufacturers and new supply bases from around the world, we help ensure that client requirements and intentions will be properly considered and flexibly integrated during the course of a project. The details of these market-based requirements will be worked out with our clients and will form the basis for a successful cooperation between us and our clients.

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